Our Services

Our services integrate financial reconnaissance and open source intelligence (OSINT). We operate internationally and enjoy privileged access to various national and international governance bodies.

Technical Capabilities

Our technical capabilities range from port scanning to deep code analysis. We also employ algorithmic and learning bias analysis in the area of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI). These capabilities allow us to conduct elaborate vulnerability assessments and identify complex threats that elude most cybersec teams.

Governance Capabilities

Our governance capabilities cover the complete five levels of the EA Multilateral Agreement (EA MLA), see ea-1-06-A-AB.pdf (european-accreditation.org). We regularly provide government agencies and other actors with assessments along these levels. Our in-depth knowledge of requirements in the areas of information security (e.g., ISO 27001), service management (e.g., ISO 20000-1), business continuity management (e.g., ISO 22301), anti-corruption management (e.g., ISO 37001), as well as asset management (e.g., ISO 55001) give us a unique advantage.

Financial Reconnaissance

Our decades-long experience working with big 4 accounting firms and major cryptocurrency and web 3.0 players allows us to comprehend complex multi-layered financial transactions and interdependencies. This allows us to identify hidden conflicts of interest (CoI) and non-obvious corruption practices. We have provided over 100 CoI assessments to various regulatory bodies since 2010.